OUR Story



We started Sculpted Films on New Year's Day in 2015 after living on the road for three months with a dream to never have to return to jobs we weren't passionate about, and the illusion that it would be a piece of cake. 3 years, 60 weddings, countless photo sessions, several new job titles, a wedding, and a baby  later, this path unfurled into far more than just getting to be our own bosses.


While self-employment has proved to be anything but simple and easy like we thought, we've found every ounce of ourselves that we've poured into Sculpted Films to be well worth it, and now this business, our first baby, is so inextricable from our story and our lives that it doesn't even feel right to call it a "job." More accurately, this is our life's work.


We are at home and at ease filming and photographing the big, beautiful stuff and the quiet, small stuff (that over time become their own kind of "big stuff.") We are in constant gratitude and awe that we're invited into these intimate fragments that make up a life, and trusted to capture them honestly, with intention and artistry. Our goal is to give you breadcrumbs back to your memory so you can experience these fragments again and say, "Damn. That was a good day."