can we choose the music usEd iN our films?


We legally purchase the rights to all the music used in our films, which makes most "popular" music not an option to be used in our films. We welcome any input you might have about the style/general mood of the music used in your film, but because the music is such a pivotal aspect of our films, we feel strongly that the final song choice should be left up to Alex, our video editor.



How do Your hours work for wedding videography?


Every wedding day is unique and we do not wish for your day to revolve around our schedule, therefore, we do not have a set number of hours (to give you a ballpark, the usual length we're required to be present on any given wedding day is between 6-10 hours.) We arrive at a time that makes sense while you're getting ready then we stay through all of the reception traditions that you plan on doing and then once we feel that we've captured a sufficient amount of dancing footage, we give you big hugs before heading out.



When will We get Our Wedding Film?


Your final films will be delivered between 4-8 months following the date of your wedding. We keep our prices low and our quality of work consistent by being a (very hard working) single-person editing team (thanks, Alex!) it takes 2-6 weeks to edit your films and we work on each wedding in the order that we filmed it, so since wedding season usually happens in the cluster between May through October, that calls for about a 4-8 month delivery window.